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We give 50,100,150… UAH to everyone


Order any 3,6,9… pizzas online on our website and we will refund you 50,100,150… UAH! The special offer is for the orders made by one check only.

The amount of the discount is unlimited depending on the number of pizzas ordered.

Free garlic sauce to grilled chicken

Serve the garlic sauce with an appetizing, juicy chicken soaked in marinade and grilled until ruddy crust.

Free spicy tomato sauce to grilled chicken wings

Serve the spicy tomato sauce with an appetizing, juicy chicken wings soaked in marinade and grilled until ruddy crust.

Pizza is the most popular Italian dish and the champion among the dishes delivered to homes worldwide. Every day more than 500 million pizzas of various shapes and sizes are eaten in the world. Sometimes it’s done in a pizzeria, a restaurant, a cafe, but more often people prefer to have a pizza delivered, so that they can enjoy it at home, at work, in short, where they are at that moment.

If you want to order a pizza in Uzhhorod with delivery, do it on our site.

3 reasons to order pizza here

1. Enjoy the taste of true Italian pizza in an hour

We process orders in a minute. And it takes us about an hour to make an Italian pizza and deliver it to your place. Pizza delivery to the most remote parts of town and neighboring villages takes a little longer. We guarantee that our pizza guy will give you a hot and delicious pizza.

2. Choose a discount for yourself

We always have attractive special offers for our customers. Order three pizzas and get a discount of 50 hryvnias as a gift.

3. Pick up the ingredients yourself

We offer making pizza online through a unique service – pizza constructor. Combine any ingredients, even those that never go together. The main thing is to make you pizza delicious. Be one of the first to personally “construct” your own pizza.

Who likes ordering pizza?

Eating pizza is fashionable, so it’s traditionally enjoyed by young people. We receive every third order of pizza from students. If a good company gathers to listen to music or watch a movie, pizza cheers up and fills hungry stomachs. In addition, pizza is one of the most wanted dishes at any party. By the way, we also deliver drinks to pizza. So invite friends, turn the music on, order a pizza and have fun.

Pizza delivery is a life saver for a family, when everyone wants to eat, but there is no time to cook. Order a pizza and your children with your husband will be full. Moreover, your nails will be perfect, because you will not need to wash the dishes.

Recently, the number of orders from offices increased. Taking sandwiches is not always convenient, and lunch in cafes or restaurants is not always cheap. Therefore, office workers order pizza. It is not expensive but very nourishing.

Choose a delicious pizza from our rich menu or combine ingredients yourself in our constructor.

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We accept orders from 10:00 to 23:00.


Serve the juicy chiken & chicken wings soaked in marinade and grilled until ruddy crust.