A unique offer – create yourself a pizza to your taste.
You have an opportunity to add the ingredients you like and create a pizza using your own recipe.
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Pizza size:
Pizza composition:
mozzarella cheese / oregano



meat and fish
vegetables, fruits and mushrooms

If you cannot find your favourite pizza in our menu or you just want a delicious Italian pizza but cannot cook it, use our pizza constructor. Pick up favorite ingredients in the desired proportions. Add a sauce to the taste. Order and wait for delivery (it usually takes an hour).

Types of pizza, which are most often “made” on the constructor by our customers:

  • pizza with cheese and hunting sausage
  • chicken pizza
  • pizza with tomatoes
  • lean pizza with mushrooms


Bring to life your favorite recipe of Italian pizza that cannot be cooked at home without special kitchen equipment.

Since you decide what to add, you will get a delicious pizza. Price depends on the cost of the ingredients, their quantity, and the diameter of the pizza.

Making pizza online is fun. So go ahead!

We work every day

We process orders from 1000 to 2300


Serve the juicy chiken & chicken wings soaked in marinade and grilled until ruddy crust.